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Computers are useless. They only give us answers.

— Pablo Picasso


Touch•Inspire Laptop


Touch•Inspire is a turnkey touch-screen career information system.

Educators now have the 16 career clusters and pathways at a fingertip. Education, exploration, information, and inspiration in an easy-to-use, extremely fast, and abundantly programmed tool for Tech Prep, Perkins, Special Populations and Special Education.

Workforce professionals now have a self-service solution designed for the universal customer to enhance core services. Everything easily and rapidly accessible at the touch of a button.

A one-of-kind combination of hardware and software.
No training. No supervision. No internet required.
Extend a finger. Touch a button. It's that easy.

Touch•Inspire is universal!
Whether to in-school or out-of-school youth, dislocated workers, career-changing adults, rapid response,
or people with disabilities, Touch•Inspire delivers. Career and Life Skills exploration, education, information, and inspiration in a turn-key interactive touch system.

Touch•Inspire is easy!
The instructions are simple. Extend a finger. Touch a button. Anyone can use and benefit from Touch•Inspire. With or without computer skills. No training required. No supervision required. Simply a wealth of video, audio, graphic, and text information at your finger tips. Add eBeam projection for interactive whiteboard funtionality, without the board. Imagine presenting Touch•Inspire 6 feet wide by 4 feet high on any smooth, flat surface.

Touch•Inspire is fast!
No system delivers the breadth of career information as rapidly. 640x480 videos appear instantly after touching a button. Career descriptions and resources are catalogued for ease and speed. Assessments are fun, and take minutes not hours. Hot links put everything in one place – Fortune 1000; every 2-year, 4-year, and trade school in your state; and more, all at the end of a finger. Touch•Inspire does not rely on, but takes full advantage of the internet with an interface that was designed for speed, not endless searches and downloads.

Touch•Inspire is loaded!
Over 350 career videos and close to a 1000 text career descriptions covering 16 career clusters. State by state and national information resources. Interest and ability assessment tools. Life Skills, like money, banking, auto, insurance, real estate, and health. Motivation from Quotes; Historic Documents, News and Audio Clips; Inventions; and Words of Wisdom. Hardware that includes built-in video conferencing camera, wireless networking, bluetooth, gigabit ethernet, stereo speakers, headphones, and CD / DVD player and burner. Software for creative business or education... edit and catalog digital photos, edit sound, edit digital movies, create and burn a DVD of those photos, sounds, or movies. And of course, browse the web, send email, write a report or letter, or create a business card, flyer, or brochure.

Touch•Inspire is portable!
Take it from office to office, classroom to classroom, or on the road to job sites, career fairs, or conferences. And when you get there, project Touch•Inspire to an entire group. It fits in a specially designed case (sold separately) and fits as an overhead carry-on. It's currently being used for rapid response initiatives, career fairs, even remote marketing efforts. Add a wheelchair accessible iGo portable desk and other accessibility options as needed. An entire desktop touch-screen system that might weigh less than your briefcase.
It's like having a career center in a bag.  Inspired!

Touch•Inspire is dependable!
Technology should not be a pain. We have many customers that know this system works troublefree. Unlike what they're used to. Our support team, like the Maytag repairman, gets very lonely. We like it that they're lonely. They're somewhat boring folks anyway.

Touch•Inspire pays for itself!
Career and guidance professionals face many challenges in this age of staff cut-backs and unemployment. Not to mention the challenges faced by their career-seeking youth or job-changing adults. Lack of computer skills requires one-on-one assistance and training of the less skilled that adds personnel time and expense. Touch•Inspire is the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive tool for unsupervised assessment and exploration. This saves time and money, and our customers currently using Touch•Inspire stress this
valuable benefit.

  Touch•Inspire Panorama

A system easy enough to use without computer skills.
A system so easy to use it requires no training.
A system so easy to use it requires no supervision.
A system with additional functionality for people with disabilities.
A system loaded with content for career-bound youth & career-changing adults.
A system that can take full advantage of, but does not rely on the internet.
A system that can be enabled to control undesirable internet pages & content.
A system that delivers video and audio interactivity better, faster, & easier.
A system portable enough to take on the road to conferences, job fairs or sites.
A system that can be rolled from office to office or classroom to classroom.
A system that becomes a marketing tool with user programmable screensavers.
A system that is turn-key and free of subscriptions and licensing fees.
A system packed with software, including affordable video-conferencing.
A system that provides powerful and useful multimedia capabilities.
A system with built-in speakers that plays and records CDs and DVDs.
A system with built-in 802.11g and Bluetooth wireless networking.
A system that is truly cross-platform and amazingly simple to set up.
A system that is all-in-one with limitless accessory options.
A system that is fast, powerful, reliable, and trouble free.
A system that is capable of running both Mac and Windows.
A system that is able of be kept virtually virus-free.
A system that is simple to update and maintain.
A system with customer support that actually supports.
A system that saves time, saves money, saves man-hours, and pays for itself.

Yes finally!
A portable, turn-key, touch-screen career
education-exploration-information-inspiration system
. Inspired!

iGo Portable Desk  

Career and guidance professionals face many challenges in this age of cut-backs and unemployment. Not to mention the challenges faced by their career-seeking or job-changing students or clientele. Well, TouchInspire was developed to aid
in this effort. Touch-screen simplicity intended to touch lives.

Lack of computer training affects both job seekers and staff. One-on-one assistance and training of the less skilled adds time and expense. TouchInspire alleviates both, requiring no training or computer skills. Today, career-bound youth and career-changing adults are encouraged to utilize self-assessment services and TouchInspire is the easiest, fastest, and most comprehensive tool for unsupervised assessment and exploration. This saves time and money, and our customers currently using TouchInspire stress this valuable benefit.

Another concern of staff is inappropriate conduct or behavior in the classroom or resource room. This issue is especially prevalent when involving the internet. We eliminate this concern, as TouchInspire content is completely self-contained and does not require web access. Over 10 gigabytes of interactive video, audio, graphics and text info at the users finger tips. Content that is delivered easier, faster, larger in size, and at better quality than internet media.

But let's not discount the value of the internet. TouchInspire is completely web capable and includes many valuable links including state by state college, community college, and trade school links. Not to mention, all libraries, largest employers
by state, and many more hot linked information resources. So for those wanting to take advantage of internet resources, the freedom and capability is inherent.

The capability is also available for controlling internet content according to each facility's desired limitations. TouchInspire also limits user capabilites on the computer itself. No software or file additions or subtractions are allowed, while each site retains full administrative access to all computer functionality. Unfortunately, we cannot control a person's conduct, but
at least we can dissipate damage.

We call it Touch & Smile Technology. Touch-screen simplicity intended to touch lives. One and all.

Touch.  Learn.  Grow.  Achieve.
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