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An interactive whiteboard... without the board.
TouchInspire and eBeam in action.

eBeam LogoImagine... TouchInspire projected and run 9 feet wide by 5 feet high.

• Interactivity on any smooth, flat surface
• Set up and calibrate in minutes
• System weighs less than a pound
• Interactive stylus works like a mouse
• Free sharing and collaboration features
• USB or Bluetooth or both configurations

Load eBeam Interact software. (Mac or PC)
Attach eBeam sensor to your whiteboard or other surface. Attach sensor to projector with USB or Bluetooth (priced separately). Hook the projector to your computer. Calibrate.
Touch. Learn. Grow. Achieve.

eBeam Tools

  eBeam in School
Touch•Inspire + eBeam = Inspired!
Download eBeam Brochure or QuickStart Guide
eBeam + TouchInspire = Inspired!
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